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Baja 500 2007 Chris Blais Photo by Scott Cox

Once again, I just want to say Thank You to all of you for all of your support of Chris & myself throughout the years, before & after Chris' accident and even now still. You all have really helped us get through a rough time in our lives and we really appreciate all of you!

Thank you for your friendships and for also doing business with us!
Patty and Chris Blais

 Check out Chris cycling at Mammoth    Chris Cycling at Mammoth Bike Park

Chris on his Segway

My off-road get around in the desert mobile. (converted Segway)

Chris Blais
WORC Cinder Mount, AZ  Aug 2010
Chris Blais in his Racing Fire suit

RZR Events Stories

Chris Blais & Blais Racing Services win the Cal City 150!

The last time I raced in Cal City, it was on my motorcycle over 3 years ago. Today I would race my Polaris RZR with my friend Steve Loehr as my co-pilot. Read more...

RZR Videos
RZR UTV in the Worcs 2011 Primm, Nevada race

RZR Race Results
UTV Class 1 Championship

RZR Photo Gallery


Chris Searchlight 2009
Chris and Eric in the  RZR racing

Read about Chris’ updates since his spinal cord  injury in 2007 here.


A small tribute video to our son, Christopher

2007 Baja 500
The KTM Team (Bike # 7x) for the Baja 500 came
in 2nd place (@ 24 minutes) behind 1x.
On June 2, 2007 at the Baja 500, Chris Blais and two other teammates riding with him is David Pearson and Cyril Despres. What a team!

Chris Blais with his gear on and new AlpineStars boots smiling at the finish of the 2007 Baja 500 race finishing in second.

KTM Baja 500 2007 Team and Sal Fish

Chris Blais on the Podium
3rd place overall in the Dakar Rally 2007

Chris on the Podium 3rd place
Congratulations, You Did It! What an amazing accomplishment!

Dakar Rally 2007 Stage 1

At the finsih Chris, Mechanic Matt Spencer and Dr. Johnathan Edwards

2007 Dakar Rally - Chris Blais Top American
Only American Representing KTM / Red Bull Team
3rd place overall
Dakar 2007 Updates and Photos
Posting Race info, interviews and calls from Chris

Much thanks to my Team that was there with me:
Mechanic Matt Spencer and Dr. Johnathan Edwards
We Did It!


2007 U.S.A. KTM / Red Bull Dakar Rally
3rd place overall

Chris Blais iin Tunisia Dakar Rally Bike #9  "GET YOUR OWN FREE WALLPAPER FOR YOUR DESKTOP"

                        Photo by Herwig Peuker


Factory KTM  3-year goal for Dakar Logo

Dakar Rally Logo
Chris Blais
Top American finished  3rd place overall in the 2007 Dakar Rally
Top American finished  4th place overall in the 2006 Dakar Rally
First American Rookie 9th place overall in the 2005 Dakar Rally
Red Bull Sponser Logo
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Christopher Blais
Apple Valley, CA. 92307
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