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Christopher Blais
Profile / Sponsors

Height: 5’ 11”
Weight: 150 lbs..
Age: 30
Grew-up: Stanton, Calif.(Orange County)
Residence: Apple Valley, CA.(since 8/04)
Began Riding: 1984 /Age 3 - ATC 70, Age 5 - MR50.
First Race: Age 16, Bad Mountain Enduro at Big Bear
Current Vehicle: 2008 Polaris RZR,
Occupation: Motorcycle Technician / Business owner Blais Racing Services (MC parts online store/prep motor services and Manages the National Hare and Hound Series.
Mechanic: Myself

Christopher Blais Pro Off-Road Racer

I have been riding motorcycles since I was 3 years old.  I unofficially raced for the Honda Off-Road team from 1999-2003 while also working at American Honda.  I signed with Red Bull / KTM Factory team for 2004-2007 to do the Baja races, some European Rallies and the Dakar Rally - The longest off-road race in the world!  I finished 9th Overall my first year in 2005, 4th Overall in 2006, and 3rd Overall in 2007 in Dakar.  I am currently only one of three Americans to finish on the podium.  I signed with KTM for two more years and had my accident in August of 2007 that left me paralyzed.  After about one year, I was back to racing again in my Polaris RZR that I built and will continue to do so as long as I can.  My next racing goal for the future is to drive an off-road race truck.

Thank you to my Sponsors and their Support:

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My Family Sponsors

Blais Web Creations Web Site Building & Hosting Service

Blais Web Creations
Web Site Building & Hosting Service
(Parents Business)



Patty Moore Blais Racing
(Spouse  9/2005)

Patty Moore Racing (Girlfriend)

Nick Blais Racing


About me over the years

   I am a  Professional Off Road Racer and is always looking to establish sponsors to help support my racing series this season and beyond. I would like the opportunity to promote any product you would be willing to offer in support of my racing. I love to race and I am proud of my racing abilities and wins.

   I started racing AMA at the age of 16, which I raced Enduro's only and brought in 1st and 2nd place wins. I was first overall in the 1999 SCER Enduro by 5 minutes as a B rider.  In 2000 I started racing District 37 desert races, and did real well. Rode the 2000 Nevada 200 Ironman class and received a 3rd.

   When my dad started racing Enduro's in 1982 I was only two, in the meantime I rode with one of my parents. I was brought up around motorcycles, street and dirt. Both parents rode motorcycles. When I got my drivers permit, my parents got me a street bike, an Interceptor 500  to ride, now I have a CBR900RR.
   Just before the age of three on Christmas, I got an ATC 70, then later a MR50 and have been on a dirt bike ever since. On Saturday trail rides is where my dad would teach me riding skills and techniques. Mom rode around with me while dad raced on Sunday.  It was at the age of 16 that I joined AMA and I was ready to race. My dad is a motorcycle technician and he has given me a lot of help and insight on maintaining my motorcycles.  My parents always said, they could not get me off a bike and it’s still like that today.

   I had reached many of my goals in 2003-2004 holding the number One 4-stroke District 37 plate and BITD championship in 4-stroke Pro class (#F1). 

  I became part of the KTM RED BULL effort to put an American on top of the podium to win the Dakar Rally, which has never been done before. Back in January 2005, I finished as the top American winning rookie of the year finishing 9th Overall in my first try. In 2006 I placed 4th overall and in the 2007 Dakar Rally I was able to get on the podium placing 3rd overall.

  Off road desert riding has always been a big part of my life at a very young age. I have learned unique techniques and safe riding skills throughout my riding years. I am proud of my accomplishments. I have a positive attitude that keeps me thriving for the best. I enjoy the sport and love to ride/race. My goal is to reach the finish line in 1st place.

   I would like to thank my family, friends, and sponsors for all their help and support in keeping me racing all these years. Now after my spinal cord injury in 2007, I am back in late 2008 racing in my Polaris RZR, and having a blast and bringing in those 1st places still.

 Let’s Ride! See you out in the desert!

Chris Blais

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Chris Blais
Top American finished  3rd place overall in the 2007 Dakar Rally
Top American finished  4th place overall in the 2006 Dakar Rally
First American Rookie 9th place overall in the 2005 Dakar Rally
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Blais Racing Services / www.blaisracingservice.com
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Christopher Blais
Apple Valley, CA. 92307
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