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2005 Score Baja 500

1st OA Childress/McCoy 48.31mph 8:40:25
2nd OA Hengeveld/Campbell 47.46mph 8:49:25
3rd OA Bell/Norman 45.85 9:08:16
4th OA Robby Gordon 45.66 9:10:32 (1st 4 wheeled vehicle)
5th OA Blais/Grider 45.64 9:10:48

 Chris was really sick on Friday evening, could not hold any food or water down then on race day he was weak and felt dizzy and still could not drink. Had to trade off a few times during the race, his partner Andy crashed twice. Chris could not finish the race just felt too dizzy that he was going to black out and gave the bike back over to his partner Andy Grider to bring it in the last 35 miles.

 BY Patty Moore (Girlfriend): Make sure you tell everyone that Chris prepped your race bike!!!  (how ironic) Good friends, GOOD TIMES!!!
Chris and Andy had a few minor problems. There were in 2nd for quite some time. Andy tipped over twice, once hurting his hand real bad. Chris got food poisoning the day before the race (lovely). He was up all night before the race with a fever and throwing up. I got him to sleep for at least 2 hours before he had to get up. He felt OK but then after doing Mike’s Loop, got real sick again. Then because Andy had his bell rung, asked Chris to get back on. Needless to say, we are happy for everyone and happy that nobody got hurt too bad.

 BY Mikey Childress: Thanks guys I'm just really happy to make you all proud and I hope that we can back it up at the 1000. Yeah I really have to thanks Chris Blais he built a great bike. See ya at ruts.

 Hilltoppers were helping out at Honda 4 just west of Valle De Trinidad, where Mikey got off the first time and Mouse got on. Mikey was jumping up and down when he came in. He was 3 1/2 minutes ahead of Johnny at that point. Johnny came in with a leak in the radiator. We change it. Chris Blais came by while we were still working on Johnny. I was able to look up and give the D-37 thumbs up as he raced by. Chirs was a rocket going past us. Did not look like anyone was going as fast as him. Mikey and Mouse had the ride of there lives. Man it is great to see a team like these two get a win! Congrats

Awesome News
2005 Tecate SCORE “San Felipe 250”
Factory KTM Team won 1st place

KTM Team Riders (9x): Chris Blais, Andy Grider, and Quinn Cody
Feb. 26, 2005 (Factory KTM team 12 minutes plus in front of American Honda team)
This is exciting news for the KTM Team.
After race article

Awesome race all went smooth for us, just a lot of dents in the bike rims. Quinn came to our rescue and rode for Kellon. During Pre-running Kellon had sustained a fracture to the left femur. He is in our thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.


2004 Score Baja 1000 - KTM / Red Bull Team
 Finished in 2nd Place / 2nd overall Bike

Christopher crossed the finish line at 16:22:12 hours.  Chris said, "It was one of the best rides I've had so far, I haven't done any night riding and the bike held up and got to the finish. We'll be back next year looking to win this race!"
Team riders: Christopher Blais, Andy Grider, Kellon Walch 
More info on (Off-Road.com)
For the first time in over two decades, this year’s Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 desert race will be televised on network television in the United States.
The Red Bull KTM Dakar U.S. Rider Rally Challenge has been on several times in December and January airing  on OLN (Outdoor Life Network).

August 21-26: Christopher doing the KTM Dakar Rally tryouts near Death Valley. A small group of elite off-road riders will participate in a five-day Dakar Rally simulation torture test. In another major announcement, Red Bull and KTM are launching a three-year program to create an American Dakar team to pursue a Dakar Rally victory. The two powerhouse companies wanted to do something spectacular, and it seems that they have achieved that goal. When he got the KTM/Red Bull invite for the tryouts. He said he wanted to give it a try. Then he sat down on his bed and looked up at me and said, “ Mom, I’m going to Paris!” He was determined then, that he was going to make it!

Vegas to Reno 2004  (1st place)  2nd overall-6 mins. behind Campbell & Hengeveld (Teammate Quinn Cody).  All went well, many thanks to Scott and Kim Lynch - Chase truck team and the Honda pit crew. It was a great race!

6/5/04 Baja 500
Christopher Blais, and Teammates; Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody came in 2nd place.
Chris had said he sideswiped an oncoming vehicle and was able to hang on to it (Thank God!).  It slowed him down a little, till he could catch his breath from that scary moment.

He was happy that his team did really well and everyone is safe.

KTM Parker “250” January 10, 2004 (3rd place) (20 miles in, crashed, injured back- bruised muscles and body, but finished race battling for 2nd place)

2003 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 we placed (2nd Place - 2nd Overall Bike) on our Mid-Cities Honda, Pro Honda Oils, O’Neal, BlaisRacing.com #11 Honda XR650R

(Team Racers: Chuck Dempsey, Beau Hayden and Andy Grider) WOW!  What a race! Off-Road.com has race info.

Vegas to Reno 2003

 Best In The Desert Races  2004 -  4-Stroke Pro Class #F1 (Solo)

  • KTM Parker “250”(January 10, 2004) (3rd place)
  • Kawasaki Team Green “Laughlin US. Hare Scrambles” (5th place)
  • Terrible’s Town “250” (1st place)
  • Vegas to Reno  (1st place)  2nd overall -6 mins behind 1x
  • Las Vegas “200”

 Baja Races:

  • 2004 SCORE Baja 500 (2nd place)
    (Teammates - Kendall Norman and Quinn Cody
    Team racers: Chuck Dempsey (XR’s Only), Beau Hayden, and Andy Grinder)
  • 2004 SCORE San Felipe 250 (2nd place)

  • 2003 Tecate SCORE Baja 500 (2nd Place - 3rd Overall)
  • 2003 Tecate SCORE Baja 1000 (2nd Place - 4th Overall) Bike #11

    I will be racing as many District 37 Races this year (2004) (F1) Desert, Enduro and Grand Prix Events.


Vegas to Reno 2003
Special Thanks to my Vegas to Reno race support team; my Family and Friends. You all did a wonderful job for me.  I appreciate all you have done. You made it possible for me to bring in a 1st place win.  I could not have done it without your help. Thank you so much!!!

All the wear and tear and mileage (1,500 miles plus) on each of my pit crew vehicles.  A couple of my support vehicles had tire trouble and one caused damage to their vehicle, but they still made every effort to be at their pits in time for me.   I just can’t express enough appreciation for all your dedication.

Many thanks to the Honda pit crew that had given some of my pit crew a helping hand.  It was very much appreciated by us all.

An article called “Baja 1000 Diary” in Dirt Bike Magazine, March 2003 issue. The 2002 “Mexican 1000, through the eyes of team Honda.”  (pg. 44) Check it out, my name is mentioned by Johnny Campbell.

Getting ready for the 2003 Score Baja 1000

Christopher Blais, Chuck Dempsey, Andy Grider and Beau Hayden will be teaming up to race the SCORE Baja 1000 for 2003. Going down Nov 14th to start pre-running to practice the course.

I won the 4-stroke Pro class this weekend (4-26-03) at Terrible’s Town 250, 5th overall.   I was only 21 minutes off the overall leaders pace with a time of 44 hours and 45 minutes. I was 7 minutes ahead of the 2nd place team in my class.  I finished only 8 minutes behind the Factory Kawasaki Team of Brian Brown and Dave Pearson that finished 4th overall.  It really feels good to be up there with the Factory Teams riding  solo.  The only problem I had was at the 160 mile mark my bike would not shift into 5th gear.  I missed a couple of shifts before this happened. Maybe just a bent shift fork. I just kept it in fourth and pinned it.  A hundred miles with no 5th gear really sucks. I think that I am leading the 4-stroke Pro class in points for the series so far.  I really want this championship.

Christopher Blais, Chuck Dempsey and Beau Hayden teamed up to race the SCORE 2003 “San Felipe 250” on March 15th. Chris Blais started the race, then passed the XR650R over to Chuck Dempsey. The 3rd rider was Beau Hayden who later passed the bike back to Chris to bring the XR650R through the finish line. We had a great team, bringing in a 3rd place.

Christopher pre-run a week down in Mexico, then race the San Felipe race that Saturday March 15th. Finished the race and packed up and headed across the boarder to get to Red Mountain to race the Prospectors Gold Rush Enduro on Sunday with his family. He came walking into the trailer at 11:00 p.m., over 10 hours of driving and then had to get up early to race the Enduro and then had to drive back home that afternoon after the race. 

Chris and his brother Nick was on the same number 13A & 13B.  They had a really good race after all that rain the day before and with Nick’s handy computer on board.  Martin, his dad was on number 14A to give his other buddies on his number a good race with all the time keeping equipment to keep them on track. Overall everything worked out and Chris was able to do both races that weekend. After all that he still seemed fresh and excited because they did so good on the Enduro. It was exciting for everyone, perfect conditions and a fun race.

Chris had a bad crash at the HBMC Dual Euro Scrambles on Sunday, but he walked away from it without a scratch, even though his bike was practically totaled, especially the front wheel. (Sorry, no pictures!)  The day after, on Monday morning, he headed to Mexico to pre-run a week and then race the San Felipe 250. His brother Nick worked on his bike and was able to get it back together, so we could bring it out for Chris to race the Prospectors Enduro the following Sunday.

Raced the Las Vegas “200” Dec. 7th in the Pro  4-stroke class and received 2nd place 10th overall. Good Race! (Best In The Desert)

Raced the 35th Tecate Score Baja 1000. Racing with team mates on November 20-23 and DNF. I hit a rock hard and bent a few things, it was enough damage to not be able to get the bike started.  I was stuck between Pit 1 and Pit 2. I did all I could to try to get going again. I had pre-run over 1100 miles and then this happened during the race, it was so disappointing.

Had a hard crash with my XR650R on the District 37 So. Cal  Nat'l Hare & Hound on October 13th.  My bike was bent up pretty bad and my body was bruised on one side and my shoulder hurt bad.

Raced the Baja Mex “300” with Danny Cooper (N14) Sept. 21, 2002 and had a good run but DNF, Bike broke down near the end of race.

A lot of dust at the Tonapah “300” August 10, 2002, finished in 5 hrs. and 57 secs.

  Raced The 2002 Tecate SCORE Baja 500
     Independent Honda motorcycle team Christopher Blais, Aaron Tuck and Craig Smith were third overall in the race and  24 minutes behind Steve Hengeveld and Johnny Campbell.
     It was a good ride and my first Baja race.  Riding @ 137 miles of technical terrain as the 2nd rider to get on my bike.  After a little over 3 hours I passed the bike on to Smith to finish the race and bring us in right behind the Honda B Team of about 5 minutes. We had a great team and a great race.
Thank you to all that made this possible. For all  the great team help from the pit crew, friends, team riders and coworkers :-)  (RIDE RED)

Results of Terrible’s Town “250” April 5, 6, 7, 2002
(Had a good day! Smile)

Won 1st place in the Expert Ironman Class in The Best In The Desert “Vegas to Reno” 527 miles on September 28, 2001.  I came in 15th overall beating all the expert teams except one. Results are here.  Read the article from Cycle News.


Factory KTM  3-year goal for Dakar Logo

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Chris Blais
Top American finished  3rd place overall in the 2007 Dakar Rally
Top American finished  4th place overall in the 2006 Dakar Rally
First American Rookie 9th place overall in the 2005 Dakar Rally
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