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Dakar Rally
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Pictures of my younger years, while I was just starting out.

Getting ready to go riding on the Z50. See the foot pegs my dad put on it right under the tank for me?

Just learning on two-wheeled tricycle after modifications

Loading my first two-wheeled converted tricycle bicycle getting ready to go home. I left my bike behind our truck and one wheel got smashed when it got ran over.

Chris, my brother Nick and Sparky our dog in Desert. Sparky live to be 17 years old.

ATC70 Xmas present Three years old

The Blais Guys taking an early morning picture. Martin, Nicholas and me.

Ready to work on something. Got ear protection, gloves, and an adjustment wrench in hand.

Chris on his new used ATC 70 at 3 years old.

Age 5 on my new used MR50. It was a good bike with a clutch to abuse.

Ready to race with brand New set of Gear

MR50 is running and Ready to go...

Chris just wants to get on his 1985 CR80R and ride. My dad didn't let me ride it until I could start it myself. One day in the garage I got it running and I ran to tell my dad and he said, YEA I heard it!

Adjusting chain CR80R

Just got my new used 1988 CR125R

Chris on Dad's 87 CR250R just trying it out.


Chris with his new 89 CR250R that he rode for many years.


Video of Chris and his younger brother Nick at Red Mountain in 1990, 3.33 Megs.
Video of Chris barrel racing at the Corva Jamboree, 901 kb.

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Christopher Blais
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