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une 6th, 2010

Chris Blais Wins WORCS UTV Race!

Cahuilla Creek Round 6, Anza Ca.

    I had a great race this past weekend with my co-driver, Robin Fawcett, at the Cahuilla Creek Round 6 of the WORCS ATV series in my Blais Racing Services, HRT, Dragonfire Racing, Fox Shox, Mastercraft, Fluidyne Powersports, FMF Polaris RZR.  Into the first turn, we were 2nd place behind the very fast customer based RZR of Mark Holz.  We stayed as close as possible to them in the tight, back section and passed them as we came back into the MX track.  They soon passed us back by out-powering us on the next uphill.  We ended up following them the entire race, never much more than a car length behind.  We pushed them really hard in the tight back sections as my car was handling really well.  I bumped them a few times to pressure Mark but he didn't make any big mistakes until the next to last lap. I had a problem in one turn that I didn't make and had to back up.  They were now about 15 seconds ahead by the time I got going again. 
    With some clear air we caught right back up to them in the next mile and then they rolled on their left side in a turn.  The ruts were so deep that I had to back up twice to try and get out of them so I could get around the first place team.  By that time, the course workers had just tipped them back onto their wheels and I made my way around in the thick brush and into the lead.  I stayed on the gas and ended up getting in one extra lap with just 25 seconds left in the race!  Congratulations to Mark for driving an excellent race.  I had a great time racing with him.

Chris Blais behind leader Mark Holz.

Chris Blais behind leader Mark Holz. Photo by Ruth Loehr.


    Thanks to all of my awesome sponsors that helped me get back to racing. Red Bull, HRT Motorsports, Dragonfire Racing, Mastercraft, Fox Shox, Fluidyne Powersports, FMF, Alpinestars, & Troy Lee Designs.  And thanks to my co-driver, Robin Fawcett for a good time, as always!

    Chris Blais

Sharp turn in the back section at Anza Worcs Race.

Sharp turn in the back section at Anza Worcs Race. Photo by Ruth Loehr.

Chris Blais  ready to pass this guy at Anza Worcs Race

                              Photo by Ruth Loehr

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Christopher Blais
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