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Dakar Rally
Red Bull

UAE Desert Challenge
Rally Started on:
Umm Suqueim on November 5th, 2006
Rally Finishing: Dubai International Marine Club on November 10th, 2006
 Christopher Blais (USA) | KTM 660 LC4  Finished 5th overall

    “In the battle of the bikes, American rider Christopher Blais outpaced the best in the world on the 3rd day (stage 3) to win his first special stage in the FIM Cross Country Rallies World Championship.”

UAE Desert Challenge
Chris in Dubai racing Nov 5th - Nov. 10th 2006

Chris’ Comments: Photos
Day 4: Chris took 2nd place for today with Coma taking 1st! Another great day. He says Coma is just railing. 400+ miles of racing in sand today. Chris said he broke the seat in half. He hit something really hard and landed funny, slamming his feet on the pegs and then breaking the seat in half! He zip-tied it together so he could finish. He says there is a lot of drop offs where you have no clue what is on the other side. Then the problem is once you're heading down the backside and hit the bottom, you have to gas it right away to get up like a 3-foot wall. He says you just keep slamming into those all day. Ouch! He said a lot of guys were crashing today and falling over. I'm sure a lot of guys are getting tired. 1 more day to go... !

Day 3: Chris won today's stage! He said there was a delay for the start because of fog. The bad thing about it was that the temps were already around 100 degrees when they got going at 9:30 am. Sounds like he had a great ride today

Day 2: Chris finished in 8th today with no issues. 200+ miles of nothing but sand, sand and more sand. He says it's sketchy creeping up to the tops of the dunes - you just don't know what's on the other side. One of the guys got very dehydrated today and had to stop at CP4, Jean Azavedo. He might be DQ'd but he still wants to ride for training. The temps are up and over 100 degrees this week with the humidity at 90%. They're having a hard time sleeping because it's so warm. Chris is trying to stay very hydrated.

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Christopher Blais
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