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Dakar Rally
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Gorman race on May 21, 2000 a Regional Events

 on this warm spring day by posting the best score in three of the four special tests.the best score in three of the four special tests.

   The 35-mile first loop started on Shane Trittler's Hungry Valley Motocross Track, and the start of the event was also the beginning of the first, 6-mile special test. Riders trav-eled around the track (in the "reverse" direction) before heading north on the high-speed sand washes of the Free-man Trail and then west up the hard-packed twisties of the Steer Bone Trail before riding east through the silty switchbacks of the Badlands Trail. The tricky special test ended just before riders reached Powerline Road.

   The first special was later scratched from the final tally when VCMC members were forced to reroute some participants after a few mishaps on the motocross track.

   Special test number two was a 10-mile section that meandered through the rolling hills and ridge trails of the Cow Trail before heading south on the winding sand washes of the Northern Pronghorn Trail. Riders then raced around the Quail Canyon Grand Prix and the minibike tracks to finish the test just before entering the main motocross course.

   Trussardi posted a time that was 44 seconds faster than that of his closest competitor, the Time Bandits' Christopher Blais. Oceanside's Chris Oswald had the third-best time, another four seconds back.

   The start of the 40-mile second loop was also the beginning of special test number three. Racers took off from the starting gate and blasted around the motocross track in the usual direction, and then headed south on the sandy, high-speed Pronghorn

Trail. Speeds got a bit slower when the course fed into the white, hard-packed sand hills, where the 4.3-mile test ended a short time later.

   This was where IMS/Acme Sus-pension/Torco-backed Rick Daniel, another past 1SDE participant, became the only rider able to top Trussardi in a special test all day.Daniel posted 444 seconds to Trussardi's 447.

   The transfer section following this special incorporated some interesting hillclimbs and descents in the Kinsey Ranch area.

   The fourth, 9.6-mile special test began at the start of the Pataviam Trail. This was the tightest section of the day. Ledge trails, switchbacks in thick manzanita, and gnarly braking and acceleration bumps were only some of the obstacles riders were forced to deal with during this stretch.

After dropping into the faster, open spaces dubbed "The Meadow" by locals, the course climbed back into more tight, winding trails through a manzanita jungle. Speeds climbed again when the trail passed through the area known as Lower Scrub, where the demanding test ended. Trussardi topped Daniel by 28 sec-onds and Oswald by 40 in a test that had a little bit of everything.

   The fifth and final special test was the longest of the day, at 12.5 miles. The course was similar to that used in the second test, but with longer jaunts on both the Pronghorn and Cow Trails. After about 10 miles of rugged travel down these two paths, racers were required to cover both the Grand Prix and motocross courses in their entirety to conclude the event.

   Trussardi also shone in this final test, with a time that bettered Daniel by 63 seconds and Oswald by 65, with A Four-Stroke-class winner Quinn Cody another second back.

  The Cemoto/Maxima/Maxxis/ MSR-sponsored Trussardi handily won the overall and the A Vet 250 class, while Daniel brought his John Burr Cycles YZ426F in at second overall and first A Vet Open.

   "1 tried my best, but Luca was just too fast today - but at least I got 'Top American,'" joked Daniel.

   So Cal Enduro Riders' Oswald claimed second A Vet 250 and third overall for his best finish in a District 37 Enduro Series event. Paul Krause rode his Montclair Yamaha to fourth overall and top honors in the A Open class, while Chris Blais posted his first top-five finish. Chris' brother Nick Blais headed the C division.

   Cody placed sixth overall. Desert ace Les Lehigh took seventh overall and second A Vet Open. At eighth overall, Mike Johnston took third in the competitive A Vet 250 class. Beau Hayden was the A 250-class winner at ninth overall, while A 200 victor Sonny Morgan rounded out the top 10 on his B&M Cycle KTM.

   "1 love riding at German, and this is always a really fun race that every-one seems to enjoy," said Trussardi. "My TM worked perfect today -hooked up real good on the hard-pack, even worked good on the motocross."                  


Hungry Valley ORV Area
Gorman, California
Results:, Many 21, 200 (Round 4)

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